The bridge between your customers, ChatGPT and your business.

ChatGPT agents stand between your customers and your systems to implement any use case you can imagine. And komsai stands between ChatGPT and your backend, integrating third-party solutions and configuring the ChatGPT agents on the unique business logic and data of each client. This is what we like and know how to do.

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ChatGPT agent's use cases

Get human-like assistance, anywhere, anytime, on any channel.

The era of chatbots is over, giving way to the next generation of intelligent conversational systems. Gone are the days of keyword search, predefined templates and predefined useless conversational flows. Now it's time for natural language processing, semantic understanding, context awareness and intelligent information processing.

Human-like dialogue

Human-like dialogue flows

Maximize the benefits of self-service automation with AI that expertly guides customer conversations to stay on-track and engaged, even when inquiries veer off course.

Effortless information collection

Effortless information collection

Transforming customer interactions with AI which can collect information and meaning, and turning it into systems formatting for its processing and transaction enablement.


Seamless transactions

Streamlining Customer Service processes with AI which integrates gracefully into your existing workflows and back-office systems automating transactional tasks required to promptly resolve customer requests..

ChatGPT agents' use cases are endless, regardless of your industry.

After successfully integrating your internal technological systems and their associated logics, we offer you a choice of operational modes:

  • Help Mode: ChatGPT assists your teams, handling routine tasks and providing useful information to enhance service quality.
  • Fully Automated: ChatGPT independently manages all incoming messages and requests, eliminating the need for human agents.
  • Hybrid Model: ChatGPT both supports human agents and autonomously handles certain requests.

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ChatGPT agent's use cases

Deliver superior customer experiences with Komsai

Happy customers

Instant 'wow' factor

Elevate interactions to unforgettable experiences. Reach a top Customer Satisfaction.

Fast deploy

2-4 week deploy

Transform operations in just few weeks. Start reaping benefits swiftly with our seamless integration.

No maintenance fees

0€ in hidden fees

Pay only for what you use. No hidden fees or maintenance charges, just a simple, straightforward billing system.

Lower operation costs

Up to 50% cost savings

Optimize operations and save up to 50% on costs. Experience substantial savings as you expand use cases.

Integrated into existing workflows

API-ready integration

Seamlessly fit into your existing software ecosystem. Smooth integration with WhatsApp, Zendesk, Google, and more.

Non propietary AI

OpenAI, Bard, ...

We only utilize cutting-edge AI. Always stay ahead with the most innovative and effective technology in the market.